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Curriculum Corner



Our early education program focuses on weekly or biweekly units of study. Each unit of study incorporates lessons related to science, social skills, math, and reading. Children explore the concepts through interactive read alouds, project based learning opportunities, hands on activities, and play. Preschool age students also participate in specific lessons related to letter recognition, letter-sound relationships, and sight words. In addition, we have monthly author studies. It is amazing to watch the children as they learn about specific authors, book titles, and styles of writing.

Sample Units of Study / Themes


  • Gardens- We enjoys creating an outdoor garden with the children at our school. Once the vegetables are ready to be picked, we prepare them to be shared with our children!

  • Dinosaurs- Get ready to go back in time to explore a world with dinosaurs.

  • Colors- This is an on-going unit of study with a specific focus on color recognition.

  • Weather- Children get to experience life as a meteorologist. Science experiments and crafts related to weather. Our students love creating a tornado in a soda bottle.

  • Holiday Themes- We have a diverse student population. Holiday themes focus on holidays from all over the world.

  • Animals- Children learn about farm, wild, and zoo animals. This unit focuses on the skill of categorizing. Each day children work with the animals through stories, sorting activities, and picture sight word cards to improve understanding.

  • Apples- Learning about planting and growing apples is the introduction to the unit. Next, we dissect the apple and discuss the parts. Finally, we got on a field trip to an apple orchard.

  • Literature Themes- During these units we teach students that there are different types of stories which act as an introduction to genres. Children also learn about authors to instill a love of literature.

  • Musical Instruments- Music is an important part of the lives of all people, especially children. We introduce students to a few genres of music, and then we focus on types of instruments. Using the Kindle, we explore apps that demonstrate instrument sounds and encourage students to describe each instrument.

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