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Our Mission

The mission of the center is to educate and enrich the whole child for we believe that a balanced program is essential to the happiness and overall well-being of our children.  It is the goal of the center to offer the finest education for our children while providing a loving and caring environment.


We believe in Piaget's natural approach to child rearing and focus on nature and hands on activities.  We acknowledge the individuality of the student and appreciate the value of one to one instruction and the sensory education techniques pioneered by Marie Montessori.  We value the importance of Vygotsky's work regarding socialization and equally value social, cognitive and physiological development.


Our center exists to serve the community.  It is our wish that our children will grow up in our care and find it to be one of their most enjoyable memories.

We invest in our teachers

Recently our staff attended the following training events and seminars.

  • “Building Relationships with Families of Infants and Toddlers”- Setting aside family time by turning off electronics is a beneficial family activity.

  • “Sharing Leadership with Families”- Join us for guest reader and other volunteer opportunities at our school.

  • “Keep Children Safe”- Protecting children from strangers and unsafe situations.

  • “Handling Emotions Modeling for Children” – Take time to discuss your child’s emotions with them.


  • St. Patrick's Day Party

  • Sparkles & Dreams

  • Ice Cream Social

  • Egg Decorating

  • Easter Egg Hunt


Contact the school for dates and times or refer to our monthly newsletter.


About Us

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